An unforgettable fishing experience in the heart of the Gouin Reservoir

an extraordinary experience

GOUIN Réservoir

enjoy an ideal setting

gouin Oasis

A wonderful spot for fishing

An unforgettable experience

A peaceful setting

ideal for boats

Walleyes and pikes fishing lovers and nature and shore enthusiasts, you will be delighted with your visit to the Outfitters Oasis du Gouin. Located in the heart of du Gouin Reservoir, Oasis du Gouin Outfitters offers a pleasant setting on a 42km2 island at the junction of Chapman Bay and Marmette. Only accessible by road to the landing stage, you can then join our outfitter with a taxi boat in just 10 minutes.

Learn more about this unique place in the heart of the Gouin Reservoir which offers excellent value for money.

The Gouin Reservoir: An exceptional place in the heart of nature

Located in the Haute-Mauricie, the Gouin Reservoir is a popular spot for fishing and the beauty of its landscapes. As soon as the nice weather arrives, fishing enthusiasts can come as a group to our Oasis du Gouin Outfitters to enjoy the many fishing sites available. In addition to fishing, the Reservoir Gouin is located on an island, which provides an ideal setting for relaxation. Between nature and the shore, you can do many activities. You will never be bored!
The Oasis du Gouin Outfitter puts at your disposal:
cottage gouin reservoir
Cottages in the Gouin Reservoir all isolated from each other welcoming from 2 to 15 people for you to enjoy the peace and nature.
fishing gouin reservoir
Walleyes and pikes fishing sites just minutes from your cottage. In addition, you can have a boat to explore the shoreline.
By going to the Gouin Reservoir for the first time, you will live an unforgettable experience and you will never get enough of this preferred area to live your passion for fishing. We are happy to welcome the same customers each year!
lake gouin reservoir

The Gouin Reservoir: Your visit will be exceptional

Walleyes, pikes, cottages, boats, electricity, proximity to nature and water or tranquility are all elements that you can fully enjoy during your visit to the Gouin Reservoir, and more specifically in our Oasis du Gouin outfitter.

For more than 20 years, our outfitter has welcomed many customers every year between May 18th and September 16th. It is therefore our pleasure to offer you:

view of gouin outfitter

The best value for money

Our outfitter has many items at your disposal including equipment, accommodation and service at very competitive prices. You will find everything you need and you will be surprised by the high level of quality of our outfitter.
oasis du gouin outfitter at the lake

An exceptional setting

Located on an island, the Gouin Reservoir offers a pleasant setting while being very quiet. You will enjoy the beautiful weather and nature, while being eccentric.
fishermen oasis du gouin outfitter

Excellent customer service

Our team is attentive to your needs and all your requests. We are available at all times to make your stay a wonderful memory.

Contact the Oasis du Gouin Outfitter

You would like to enjoy some time in the heart of Gouin Reservoir? Check out our rates and how to get there. For an excellent stay, contact Oasis du Gouin Outfitter today at (819) 840-3749 or our office at (800) 959-7453.


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