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GOUIN Réservoir

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gouin Oasis

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A favorite spot for walleye fishing and northern pike fishing, the Oasis du Gouin Outfitter is located directly on the spawning grounds. This location makes fishing activities much more productive in the spring and throughout the season. Just minutes from your cottage, you can enjoy fishing sites for the duration of your stay. The Gouin Reservoir is one of the most popular fishing spots in Quebec.

Catch walleye over 5lbs and pike over 15lb!

If you are a great lover of walleye fishing and pike fishing, you can satisfy your passion in our outfitter in the heart of the Gouin Reservoir. At our outfitter, we ensure that our customers live a unique and memorable fishing experience. In order to do so, we provide you with the following:

safe craft oasis du gouin

16 ‘x 2’ aluminum safe craft and Yamaha 20 HP 4 stroke engines;

map of oasis du gouin outfitter

A free topographic map showing fishing locations for walleye and pike that vary with conditions and season.

fish fishing

An electric refrigerator to store your fish for the duration of your stay.

Within our outfitter, it is not uncommon to catch walleye over 5 lbs, as well as pike over 15 lbs! Our larger specimens are often caught in May and early June.

landscape oasis du gouin outfitter

If necessary, you can also find at the outfitter:

craft with fisherman

Fishing rights and licenses

fishing equipment

Fishing tackle :

landing net, rain suit, worms, leeches, etc

Do not hesitate to contact our team for any request.

Your walleye and pike fishing will never be as good!

In the heart of the Gouin Reservoir, our outfitter, Oasis du Gouin, welcomes every year many fishermen who wish to practice their passion in an exceptional setting. You can enjoy superior quality fishing, and all this at short distances! No need to go hundreds of miles for excellent walleye and pike fishing.

Our outfitter at Gouin Reservoir has a very high satisfaction rate, which makes our success. In addition, our team will always listen and be available throughout your stay.

Enjoy excellent value for money for your walleye and pike fishing! For this, contact us today at (819) 840-3749 or at our office at (800) 959-7453.

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